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    High pressure water cleaning, Root cutting, Scale cutting, No Call Out Charges, Quick response, Call Now we have engineers in your area.  >>more

    CCTV Inspection

    CCTV surveys from pipe sizes 22mm up to 1000mm. Professional written reports with colour captures and DVD recording. >> more

    Drain Lining


    Drain Lining & Patch repair system capable of lining pipe sizes from 75mm to 400mm & lengths of 100 metres from a single access.>> more

    Drain Testing


    Scanseal provides services and testing equipment that can detect and repair most on-site drainage problems.   >> more



    Where structural lining is not possible, our team are ready to carry out excavations to replace any damaged pipe work.  >>more

    Road Resurfacing


    25 year experience to reinstate and resurface to a first class finish whether it be tarmac, block paving or concrete  >>more

    Scanseal Drain Repairs - Pipe Lining & Patch Repair Services

    Scanseal can offer several methods of lining repairs from pipe sizes 75mm up to 400mm and can carry out repairs from a single access up to 100 meters in length.

    • Odourless resins can be used of those delicate areas such as restaurants and schools.
    • Flexible liners can be installed to allow for bends up to 90 degree.
    • Localised patch lining can be offered to reduce cost or to prevent water infiltration

    Renoline System from Scanseal

    The RENOLINE System

    The Renoline System is a proven and established method of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without excavation and with minimal disruption.

    The new pipe material is similar to GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and in all cases will be superior in quality and strength to the pipe which it lines. The new pipe is moulded into the damaged pipe by an ingenious method called ‘inversion’ using water or air pressure, which fits it tightly against the wall of the existing pipe. When the inversion is complete the new pipe (which was originally flexible) is now rigid, resulting in a strong, tough pipe tightly fitted within the original pipe with only a minimum loss of cross section, (approximately 6%).

    The Renoline System is suitable for sewers, culverts, tunnels, pressure mains, gas pipes, down pipes etc.
    It can also be used to seal tanks, chambers and manholes. Renoline is resistant to most aggressive chemicals and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

    The Renoline Self-Inversion System

    This is a similar process to the Renoline system with the exception that it includes a revolutionary new feature that enables it to be self-inverted. When this new feature is used together with epoxy resin it can reconstruct bends up to a 90° angle.

    The significance of this high-tech product is that it can re-line the existing pipe without causing folds or wrinkles. Renoline Self-Inversion, is a seamless textile tube designed specifically to rehabilitate house laterals, small diameter pipes and elbows.

    The product is available in 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm diameters.

    Scanseal Drain Repairs

    Patch lining Repairs

    CCTV inspection can locate a number of reasons that causes pipe failure including leaking and open joints, root intrusion and cracks

    Scanseal Pipe Lining Process A new Renoline liner is first impregnated with a special resin containing an activating catalyst before being winched through the damaged section

    Scanseal Pipe Lining An inflation hose is inverted into the new liner by air or water pressure

    Scanseal Pipe Lining & Drain Repairs This shapes the liner into the existing pipe and holds it in position while it cures. Hot water or steam can help control the curing process

    Scanseal Repaired Drain Once the pipe is cured, the inversion liner is removed leaving a strong and tough new pipe within the existing pipe. Any lateral pipes are reconnected by a remote controlled robotic cutter.

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